Welcome to State of Mind Wellness Center

Dr. Priya Parmar – Board Certified Psychiatrist

State of Mind Wellness Center exists to help people find happiness in their lives by using medicine alongside individualized therapy that is focused on cultivating meaningful relationships and connecting with one’s innermost self. We treat adults, young adults, and adolescents in a safe, non-judgmental space and meet individuals exactly where they are.

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Beyond the mediocre standards set by the health insurance industry.

Because Dr. Parmar is not on an insurance panel, she can tailor your treatment plan for your human needs, and is not bound by an insurance industry algorithm.

Up-To-Date Medical Information

  • Clinically relevant psychopharmacology
  • Best treatment protocols and strategies
  • Dr. Parmar keeps current with research and developments in the field of medicine

Effective Psychotherapy

  • Attachment Theory anchors Dr. Parmar’s philosophy of psychotherapeutic treatment
  • Empirically studied, effective results
  • Dr. Parmar has over two decades of experience providing talk therapy

Advanced Medical Technology

  • Genetic testing
  • State of Mind Wellness Center uses integrated communications and records systems to stay in contact with patients and their outside providers

Beyond Psychiatry

Mind Body Approach

Healthy lifestyles promote healthy psyches. Discover ways to empower yourself through understanding the emotional messages that your body is sending to you.


Time and again, research has demonstrated how a regular practice of yoga decreases anxiety, increases emotional regulation, and promotes joy. We offer regular yoga classes led by a certified yoga instructor that are free of charge to our patients.


Learn how to think about how you are thinking. Discover how to rise above destructive emotional chatter and move through life with more peace.