Our Doctor and Staff

Dr. Priya Parmar

Board Certified Psychiatrist

I was born in Rhode Island and raised in West Virginia. Growing up in an Indian family in a predominantly white area, I learned to navigate through different cultures. I was blessed with a strong curiosity, intelligence and a photographic memory.

Unlike some people who have gone on to become doctors, my life was not restricted to academics. I broadly experienced life with friendships, travel, and experience in a variety of social milieus. Following high school, I spent a year in Delhi studying Ancient Indian History and Eastern Philosophy at St. Stephen’s University.

Returning to the U.S., I finished my B.S. in Biology, then studied Cultural Anthropology at UCLA. Following this I completed my medical doctor (M.D.), residencies and work experience as described below. I have had the experience of joining a blended family and giving birth as well as raising children in this lovely area.

Dr. Parmar’s CV

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About Our Staff

Suzete Lourenco

Suzete studied Physiology and Neuroscience at University of California, San Diego and has a Bachelor of Science in Biology. She has extensive experience as a Medical Assistant and as a Phlebotomist in addition to her training as a certified TMS Technician.

She derives joy from being able to connect with people and support their needs in a myriad of ways, and is working towards her goal of going into a Master’s Program and becoming a Physician Assistant to affect more positive change for the people in her community. In Suzete’s  spare time, she enjoys learning new things, reading, and taking on DIY projects.