Patient Testimonials

Anne M.

For years I was resistant to seeking help. Since becoming a patient of Dr. Parmar’s, my relationship and awareness of my anxiety and depression has improved considerably. When she moved to her own private practice, I moved with her. There was never a consideration otherwise. It is not too much to say, I am deeply grateful for having found her practice.

Peter G.

I’ve been Dr. Parmar’s patient for one and a half years. I like many things about her treatment approach, but what I like most is that she understands me. She understands my needs and what I need to have accomplished with my treatment. Her new office is well located, easy parking, and very cozy. I never miss my appointments and I always look forward to see her. I’m forever grateful for her help.

Synthia L.

Dr. Parmar saved my life. I have been her patient for over a year and I have no words or actions to thank her enough for taking good care of me. I trust her. I trust her treatment approach. And I am forever thankful for her helping me to understand who I am and help me to grow as a person.

Roger N.

Dr Parmar has been nothing but a great help to my husband and myself. My husband has been diagnosed with PTSD and severe depression. Dr Parmar was ran tests to figure out which medications would work properly and has also provided counseling for the PTSD and depression with her appointments. She is always sure to touch base on any concern you may have and will discuss in detail if necessary. The Medical Liaison is so helpful in getting answers and being sure meds are filled as prescribed

Andrew K.

Dr. Parmar is a blessing in my life and I am so glad that she is my doctor. She has been so kind to me and I am very grateful for the excellent care and gentle way in which she helps me deal with my anxiety. She has seen me at my worst and has helped me to see that things can and will get better.

*Names have been altered for anonymity.